How To Overcome Dieting Depression

Every female, who has tried to follow a dieting plan, instead of a specifically designed weight loss plan for women, has faced those times when the only exciting thing about life was the number of pounds of weight, one had lost. You have to give up a lot when following a diet. Most times you cannot eat your favorite foods and you also eat a lot less. Also, your body takes some time to attune itself to the new diet as it tries to lose dependence on the sugar powered energy ups and downs through the day.

There are times when the weight does not go down, no matter how hard you try. In such cases, you may feel anxious and wonder, whether you’ll be able to achieve your weight loss goals. Health experts are of the opinion that if you do not have your mind in the right place, your dieting plans are unlikely to succeed. It does not matter that you follow the best weight loss plan for women and have your diet chart designed by a celebrity nutritionist.

You are going to have negative feelings during dieting. You must accept it and prepare for it. However, help is at hand, as there are a few things that can save you from going into mental lapse and prevent giving in to your negative feelings. But you have got to do it on your own.

Momentum Is Important

Most of the people, both men and women, start dieting as a ritual each year. Most of the times, they do not have a monthly or daily commitment but they have to give it a try to feel that they have not given up.

These people go into a deep depression whenever they are unable to keep on track. They feel like a failure in their own eyes and also in the eyes of others.

It is important to understand that everyone wants you to lose weight. Everyone wants you to go on and keep your commitment. But this also increases the pressure to succeed. It is possible that you may start dieting without any plan on a random day.

In fact, most likely you will also make a New Year resolution to lose weight this year. However, your enthusiasm is always short lived, as you do not see it as a journey but as a challenge to be won. Your body needs time to make changes to live with the new normal. Your body does not like changes and sudden physical exercises are going to face a plot of resistance.

Like everyone else, you won’t care about your weight on some days. However, on other days, you will get frustrated about the progress on your weight loss journey and you will suddenly decide to quit.

Quick Weight Loss Plans & Extremes Don’t Help

Most of the people who start dieting are desperate to lose weight. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking to lose 10 pounds or 200 pounds, you will have the same feelings. However, most of the times you will take drastic measures to achieve your goal, in a fit of desperation.

Acting in desperation is never going to work for you. Even if you manage to lose weight in short term, you won’t be able to maintain that weight on long-term basis. Your ultimate goal is to lose the weight permanently.

Health experts say that the healthiest way to lose weight is to lose it slowly. But, our fast-paced lifestyle does not allow us to accept that. Everyone wants to follow the latest fad that tells them how they can shed close to 12 pounds in seven days and look amazing on the beach.

However, when you start losing weight at a fast pace, your body is going to think that something is not right. It’s going to work in a counter intuitive manner. Your body will think that it is starving and may go in to survival mode. It will fight desperately to keep the stored fat.

On the other hand, healthy foods provide proper nutrition to your body and do not starve it. It is possible to keep hunger at bay by eating good food. If you create a calorie deficit that is above the healthy limit, it is going to do much more harm to your body than good.

It is, therefore, recommended to eat alternate foods. For instance, instead of snacking on chips and cakes, you may snack on raw broccoli or carrots.

It is also important to drink enough water to keep hunger at bay. It also helps in removing toxins from the body. In this manner, you will lose weight but you will lose it in a healthy manner.

It is important to realize that most of the fad diets are not good for your health. Any fad diet that forces you to act desperate and do something extreme to lose weight is not good for you. Many popular fad diets such as the cabbage soup diet and the protein diet completely eliminate other food groups and that is not healthy for you.

You may not believe this but there are people in the world that would swallow cotton balls soaked in gelatin to fill up their belly. You should not fall into this trap. Remember that proper nutrition is the key and you should always feed the recommended amount of calories to your body.

It is important to eat a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits. If you like to eat meat, it is important to eat healthy options such as chicken. Also, do not eliminate your favorite foods completely. Instead, go light on them.

Take It One Day At A Time Is Best

Woman Measuring WaistIt goes without saying that falling off of the wagon can be easy if you are keeping yourself from what you love. If you are dieting and restricting yourself, you have to go through somewhat of a grieving process for the goodies that you are giving up. Even though it may sound like a good idea, you want to stay away from having a splurge day as it will still mean restricting yourself for the majority of the week. This can lead to bringing on the days when you are allowed to enjoy whatever foods that you want.

When you think about it further, you should not be using words such as guilt, allowed or can’t as you are an adult. Being an adult will mean that you have the ability to make much healthier choices without having to set any sort of rules or guidelines for yourself to follow. Instead, you can learn to listen to your inner hunger cues instead of constantly being faced with a long list of food items that you have labeled as taboo. This will be better for you in the long run as you will be able to foster better habits that will be able to last throughout your lifetime.

Forget about the idea of failing when it comes to a diet as there is no such thing unless you simply quit and give up for good. Even then, this is a choice that you will make and you always have the ability to backtrack and make healthier choices. Whenever you are faced with more calories in a meal than you want to be consuming, you can:

– Take some of the meal home with you so that you may enjoy leftovers later on.

– Figure out just how many minutes of exercise can be done within the week to help you work off the extra calories.

– Eat the meal until you feel naturally full and simply choose lighter meals throughout the rest of your day.

Remember that it is never going to be healthy to beat yourself up as you can get back on track by simply making a conscious effort. Learning to forgive while fostering self-love is going to help you learn how to battle your demons with dieting and get yourself to a way of mindful eating, beneficial exercise and good well being.


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