4 Common Weight Loss Mistakes That Women Make

Many women start out strong when they wish to lose weight. However, with time they give up. Why? The answer is that they do not see results fast enough. In most cases, women sabotage themselves without even realizing it.

The 4 Common Eeight Loss Mistakes Are…

  • Not including resistance training as part of their training regimen
  • Not staying at a caloric deficit
  • Letting one small slip up affect them
  • Not defining their why

Not Including Resistance Training As Part Of Their Training Regimen

Resistance training is one of the best methods to lose weight. Most women balk at the idea of going to the gym and lifting weights. They automatically assume that the weights will make them big and manly and no woman wants that.

This is a fallacy. Most women will never become big or bulky. Men themselves have problems getting big and muscular. A woman who has much less testosterone will not see huge muscles popping up all over her body.

Weight training will boost your metabolism. Your muscles will be lean and toned. You will burn the fat and gain some lean muscle mass. So, overall, not only will you become smaller in size but you’ll also get stronger too. The extra muscle will burn more calories and make it easier for you to keep off the weight.

A full body workout which involves deadlifts, snatches, squats, etc. will create a situation in your body known as excess post oxygen consumption. That just means you will be burning calories and fat for hours after you work out.

Mix up your cardio with days of resistance training.

Not Staying At A Caloric Deficit

To lose weight you absolutely MUST be on a caloric deficit. This is the most important rule to fat loss. Even if you work out for 14 hours a day, if you’re consuming more calories than you burn, you will not drop even one gram of fat. This is absolutely depressing to most women.

The problem is that many women overestimate the amount of calories they burn. Because exercising is so draining and tiring, they equate the hard work with a ton of calories burnt. The truth is, even an extremely hard 45 minute workout may have only burnt about 400 calories.

Just 2 slices of pizza will cancel out the entire workout. So, you may want to carefully consider what you’re putting in your mouth. Chocolate shake? That yummy chocolate bar? A scoop of sinfully delicious chocolate ice-cream?

It all adds up and without even realizing it, you’ve exceeded your number and you’re at a caloric surplus instead. That means, despite exercising you’re going to gain weight. Time and effort wasted.

To find out what your calorie requirement is, visit http://www.freedieting.com/tools/calorie_calculator.htm

Stay close to your number and you will lose weight.

Staying at a caloric deficit all the time is not beneficial. You will need cheat days where you eat about 500 calories more just to boost your metabolism and prevent your body from going into ‘starvation’ mode. The Venus Factor explains in details about caloric deficits, maintenance requirements, meal timings and frequencies, etc.

Letting One Small Slip Up Affect Them

This is a mistake most people make and it doesn’t matter what sex you are.

People like to be perfect. They like to follow rules perfectly. However, in reality, success in any endeavor is not linear. It is a mess. You will take a few steps forward, slip up here and there, see some setbacks, make a few comebacks and finally reach your goal.

If you’re following a diet and training regimen, there may be a day when your will-power gives way and you do eat the slice of yummy chocolate cake. Most women will say, “That’s it. I messed up! I’ll never get thin. I don’t have the discipline. I might as well stop the diet.”

Imagine that! For one slip up, they threw the entire plan away. That’s like dropping your cell phone once and instead of picking it up and dusting it off, you keep smashing it on the floor till it’s completely broken. Just because of one accident.

Relax! Acknowledge your slip up and know that you’re only human… and get back to the plan. Keep on keeping on. That’s the only way you will lose weight.

Weight Loss GoalsNot Defining Their Why

The most important thing that you absolutely MUST do before you even start chewing on that boiled broccoli is this… You must define your why.

You’re probably thinking, “Define my what?”… “My life is full of whys! Why am I fat? Why does 1 muffin slap 10 pounds on my belly but 10 hours of cardio do nothing?”

These are all reasonable whys… but the most important why question you should be asking yourself is this… “Why do I want to lose this weight?” or “Why do I want a flat, lean tummy?”

Your why will ALWAYS be emotional. So, you’ll have to dig deep. Most people do not exercise because they want clear, unclogged arteries or good blood circulation. That’s not the way we think.

You probably want a nice body so that you’ll look awesome in a figure hugging dress and maybe make your other girlfriends jealous. Or you might want to feel sexy for your boyfriend or husband.

You could be a mom who wants to lose weight and be healthy so that you have extra energy to run after your toddler. Or you’re worried that your health is in such a precarious state that you might not live long enough to see your children grow up.

Whatever the case may be, you must find out your why. Then WRITE IT DOWN!

Write down exactly why you want to shed the fat and how it will make you feel once you’ve lost the weight and attained your goal.

Once that is done, make copies of it and paste it all around your house so that you never forget it. Most importantly, paste it on your refrigerator door and around your kitchen.

Losing weight takes discipline, effort and determination. The concept while simple is not exactly easy. This is a quest to burn off fat that doesn’t want to come off. There will be times when you will be dejected and lose hope. Times when you do not seem to make progress. It will seem easier to throw in the towel and pick up a slice of cake.

It’s at times like these that you must read the why that you wrote down. This is true for any goal.

Your why will keep you grounded and focused. It’ll keep you going when your tank is empty. Find your why and write it down.

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