The Science Behind The Renegade Diet Plan – How It Works

If you’ve been following the news lately regarding diets and workouts then you will have heard of Jason Ferruggia and The Renegade Diet Plan that has become so successful. It is one of the cornerstones of many other diet and workout plans and this is all mostly because of the extensive research behind it.

Low-Carb Diets Do Not Work

One of the first things you’ll learn from The Renegade Diet Plan is that low-carb diets shouldn’t be followed at all, simply because they don’t work. The body can in fact get weaker without carbohydrates. As a matter of fact, studies show that you need carbohydrates to lose weight, fight diseases, and remain energized through the day.

Carbohydrates also play a big role in your metabolism. Studies have recently shown that the body actually burns more fatty acids during sleep than during the day. For the longest time people thought you shouldn’t eat heavy meals at night but now studies are showing the opposite – you need carbs and they are most useful before dinner.

Eating Breakfast Doesn’t Do Much

For decades – perhaps even centuries – people have always believed that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that dinner needs to be light or even skipped at times. As mentioned above, dinner actually plays a big role in weight loss and energy while breakfast, as it turns out, may not.

Newer studies show that breakfast isn’t as important as it claims to be. A few case studies pitted people who ate breakfast from those who didn’t and over a long period of time studied whether or not one group lost more weight than the other. The results showed that the no-breakfast group lost more weight or didn’t lose less weight than the competition.

This is because the body needs time to rest its digestive system and that will boost metabolism later on. The best idea is to skip breakfast or to eat very light meals so it won’t upset your body’s natural balance.

Timing What You Eat is Everything

According to the Renegade Diet Plan, timing is everything. Skipping breakfast gives your body and metabolism time to recover while eating proteins and fats before workout will give you all the energy to lift those weights and get the most out of gym-time. Eating dinner filled with carbohydrates and other meals – even cheat meals – will let your body recover, burn fat through the night, and gain muscle mass.

So it’s not all about counting calories, enslaving your life to a strict menu, or skipping entire food groups entirely. It’s all about timing – all the food in the world is important to the body but you just need to know when and how to eat in order to get the most benefits out of them.

That’s what Jason Ferruggia’s Renegade Diet Plan does. It uses factual science to plan the diet you need and want. This plan allows you eat your comfort foods, stay energized, and get real results from your time at the gym. This plan has data to prove it is real. Without science to back up other diet plans, why even try them?

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